Chicago Bulls, who are emerging as the dark horse in the East


Chicago Bulls, who are emerging as the dark horse in the East What has changed?


There are no basketball fans around the world who don’t know the NBA Chicago Bulls, founded in 1966. This is because it is the team of the famous basketball emperor Michael Jordan.

With Michael Jordan and Scotty Pippen at the forefront in the 1990s, the Chicago Bulls reached the top six times. In short, it was an invincible team.

Chicago, which was walking in the dark ages, led Derek Rose, who appeared like a comet in 2008, and peaked in the 2010-2011 season. However, as Rose was injured, he went to rebuilding mode again. In addition, due to stingy investment, his reputation in the past was left behind and moved to the lower ranks of the East.

However, Chicago had a meaningful season last season, bringing in All-Star big man Nikola Bucevic following the growth of ace Jack Lavin. He was eliminated from the playoffs as 11th place in the east, but it was a meaningful season to prepare for “win-now.”

Chicago has strengthened its best power this season. He brought in Dermadrojan, and Ronzo Ball also succeeded in recruiting. In addition, by recruiting six-man Alex Caruso, who has good defense and activity, he eliminated the 2% shortage of the team’s weakness, tightness.

Unlike teams that run “loose” games in this year’s pre-season, Chicago has launched an all-out war. It was because there were many new faces and organizational skills, but there was no better stage than the actual game.

There were weaknesses in organizational power, but Chicago has definitely changed. More precisely, there was composure and strength.

DeRozan, Lavin, and the ball were all very “on-ball players” who were used to catching the ball and playing basketball. Therefore, there were voices raising concerns about their coexistence.

In fact, LeBron James-Anthony Davis (LA Lakers), Kawhi Leonard-Paul George (LA Clippers), and Kevin Durant-James Harden-Kylie Irving (Brooklyn Nets) were Chicago’s “Big Three.”

DeRozan was Toronto’s absolute ace. Rabin is also selected for the U.S. national team as the best scorer in the league. Buchevich is also an elite big man. However, the weight of the three players was less than that of the one-two punch or the big three led by powerful superstars. The spectrum of gaze at Chicago was wide, questioning even the issue of coexistence. Some said it could be the best dark horse in the East, and some said that synergy might not come out as expected.

The lid is open.

Three games and three wins. Of course, he played two games against Detroit and one game against New Orleans. Detroit is a weak team in the eastern part, and New Orleans’ ace Zion Williamson has left the battle line due to off-season foot surgery.

His performance was good. For now, DeRozan and Lavin respect their respective areas and minimize overlapping positions. Boushevich, which has a synergy effect that brings confusion to the opposing defender, and can be both inside and outside, is also harmonious. On top of that, Lonzo Ball, who has a strong passing ability, is quite good as he efficiently supplies balls to DeRozan and Lavin.

CBS Sports of the U.S. said on the 25th (Korea Standard Time) that “LaVin is the most exciting season while playing basketball.” He said he was getting completely different energy 토토사이트

Ball is maximizing Chicago’s activity by strengthening transition, and Caruso is adding strength to Chicago with a good deflection defense. The Chicago Bulls are extraordinary.

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