Lee Soogeun Park Jiyeon 12 years younger than her

Lee Soogeun

Lee Soogeun Park Jiyeon 12 years younger than her is a big hit

Lee Soogeun

Comedian Lee Soo-geun’s wife Park Ji-yeon is active as a businessman.

On the 10th, Park Jiyeon posted on her SNS, “You can see it soon at Outlet & Department Store Chef’s Restaurant.” Today, I went to shoot the first Gwanggyo outlet.”

“As much as the time we prepared together, I was so happy about the official open shoot today.” I will continue to do my best with sincerity and my heart. Thank you so much for learning a lot from the chefs who were with us and taking time out of your busy schedule.”

In the photo released, Park Ji-yeon is wearing a sanitary hat at an outlet restaurant and preparing for the sale of tteokbokki with her name on it.

Park Ji-yeon is introducing various products by promoting her business even during kidney dialysis. Not only is his face pretty, but he is also leading the business.

Park Ji-yeon is married to comedian Lee Soo-geun and has two sons. Earlier in 2011, Park Ji-yeon reported that she had kidney problems due to symptoms of pregnancy addiction during her second pregnancy and is currently undergoing dialysis treatment. In August last year, he said he was recommended for a kidney re-transplant, which made many people feel sorry for him

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