Periodontitis molar dislocation maxillary sinus surgery


Periodontitis molar dislocation maxillary sinus surgery (implant bone transplantation)


If you look at the root shape, it seems like it hasn’t been long since you removed it, and on this side, you’ve lost one year. If you look at the top, it’s located in the bone, and it’s coming down from there Whether it’s periodontitis or not, you’ve lost your gum bone and the bones are melted around it

If the patient says that he’s going to use it up to the point he used, he’s just going to treat the inflammation, remove the pus, or clean the roots, and to put it simply, it’s life-sustaining treatment We often compare it to three-themed cancers, because there’s no self-awareness at all until you have a very severe case of seven It’s like ARMY because the patient feels weird when the organs and functions around him are deteriorated

You can get rid of cancer to a certain extent, but if it spreads a lot, you can get treatment until the end of your life through hospice or something, or you can get life-sustaining treatment that suppresses symptoms or other symptoms. So, you can’t get rid of it

There are things that I ordered like horns. These are attendance The cause of gum disease is Microorganisms are pathogens. When your gums are healthy, they stay around your gums and let your bones melt down late. Nevertheless, if you’re sensitive, if you’re feeling itchy or bleeding, you can stay in good condition, but if you’re not sensitive, you won’t get over it

There’s a national room called Samhak-dong in our cheekbones There’s space in the nostrils and it’s blocked with bones, but there’s an opening called maxillary sinus in the cheekbones. It’s called sinusitis, maxillary sinusitis, and seasonal rhinitis. But if you use up air on the mucous membrane during the vacation, it might be like this

If you want to plant more than Palmi, you only have about 23 days left. It’s like 1.9mm. But it’s a stable length if you plant implants in about 8mm. You need to transplant bones in maxillary sinus for a long time. Side effects and complications. You need to use them to reinforce your roots

I do the bottom of my front teeth, too. There’s still a lot to do on my neckThis part is separated and the engagement is not good It means that Park Beomjin was a liberal arts major 비아그라 구입처

It’s on the side, but first of all, the molars hold out, so I think I can use the front teeth for a longer time because of the molars that have less impact on the front teeth than the people before

When food comes down and piles up, it keeps opening Then you’ll have a variety of defective conditions between your gums I’m doing surgery to make my gums last longer so that they always exist around the implant

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