Kim Bu-sun’s daughter Lee Mi-so Lee Roo-an has a strong

Kim Bu-sun

Kim Bu-sun’s daughter Lee Mi-so Lee Roo-an has a strong heart after an accident in the second act of her career

Kim Bu-sun

Actress Kim Boo-sun’s daughter Lee Mi-so changed her name to Lee Ruan and announced a new start.

On the 9th, the production team of Channel A’s “Penthouse” released photos and profiles of eight residents. “Penthouse” is an eight-person survival program that challenges to have the best penthouse with a total prize of 400 million won. Nancy Lang, Kim Bo-sung, Lee Ruan, Jang Myung-jin, Seo Exit, Cho Sun-ki, Ji-ban, and Lee Si-yoon will enter the bloody survival competition with a total prize of 400 million won.

Among the released profiles of the cast members, Lee Ruan drew attention. It’s because Kim Bu-sun’s daughter, Lee Mi-so, changed her name and only showed her face for four years. Lee Mi-so met with viewers in 2002 with various films such as “Summer of Boriul,” “Hwang Jin-jin,” “Girls High School Ghost Story 5,” “Sirano: Love Manipulator,” “My PS Partner,” and “Witch,” as well as the dramas “Starlight Sword Season 1” and “Superhuman Age.”

Regarding Lee Ruan, “Lee Ruan, who has completed preparing for the second act of his actor’s life, is a player with a strong heart that has been strengthened by numerous accidents,” the “Penthouse” said. “He is a character like a lioness with a gentle smile and a sharp claws hidden.” Starting with this entertainment program, it caught the eye by announcing the second act of the actor’s life instead.

Netizens are also cheering for Lee Ruan, who has opened his second act of acting in about four years.

Meanwhile, Channel A’s survival program ‘Penthouse’ airs this summer

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