I think it’s fabrication. Hyunbin and Son Yejin’s sudden


I think it’s fabrication. Hyunbin and Son Yejin’s sudden fabrication debate


Actress Son Ye-jin was caught up in a sudden rumor of manipulation.

Son Ye-jin posted a photo of a four-leaf clover on her Instagram on the 2nd with a message, “Hope you have a lucky day,” but doubts continued about the four-leaf clover posted by Son Ye-jin. Song Yuna said, “Hmm…”Is it a four-leaf clover?” And Lee Min-jung was like, “Oh? I think it’s manipulation of that four-leaf clover?” he added to the theory of manipulation.

In the photo posted by Son Ye-jin, the four-leaf clover seems to have caused misunderstanding because it is asymmetrical in shape in addition to the size of each leaf. One netizen explained on behalf of Song Yoon-ah and Lee Min-jung, saying, “When I look for four-leaf clovers, there are many things that are asymmetrical.”

Son Ye-jin has reported her pregnancy after marrying Hyun Bin this year.

Son Ye-jin said on Instagram in June, “A new life has come to us,” adding, “I’m still puzzled, but I’m feeling it day by day due to my body change amid worries and excitement.” I’m so grateful, but I haven’t told the people around me yet because I’m that careful. I’d like to tell the fans and the people around me that are waiting for this news as much as we are before it’s too late. We will protect the precious life that came to us.”

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