Facial cramps (muscle tremors) showed symptoms a week ago


Facial cramps (muscle tremors) showed symptoms a week ago


Q: A woman in her late 20s. There are repetitive facial muscle tremors. It was a few years ago that facial cramps first began to occur. This had never happened for a while, but the upper part of the eyelid of the facial muscle began to tremble again. I’m suspicious and worried whether it’s because my eyes are tired or my eyelids that tremble frequently over the past week are pathological.

Maybe because I gained weight these days, my hands and feet often get numb. In the early days, when there was facial muscle tremor, fine tremors were repeated on the eyelids and on the occupancy. Then, symptoms are occurring again after being fine for a while.

Should I take an MRI? Is it because of a temporary traffic accident shock? Maybe it’s because of work stress.

I feel that eye fatigue is extremely severe due to excessive work. I often doze off because of eye fatigue even when I go to work due to lack of sleep. I go to do something else after work in the afternoon. I’m working two jobs.

I had a car accident two to three years ago. I hit my head against the windshield. According to the doctor’s opinion, fortunately, there is nothing wrong with the brain and there is only a little concussion, so you can be discharged from the hospital, and he is currently doing well. Nothing else has happened in particular.

A: Eye cramps and facial cramps are one of the symptoms of autonomic nervous system hyperactivity caused by overwork, especially hypersensitivity of the sympathetic nervous system, which is a related symptom. This is due to a lack of peripheral blood flow to the facial nerve 비아그라 판매

In this period, stability and rest are essential, and nutrition should be taken care of and hydration should be increased. Usually, it takes about three days to recover naturally after resting, but if it persists, it is recommended to receive treatment that increases peripheral blood flow to the face-to-head by 2.5 times by receiving treatment from an anesthesiologist. If left unattended, the facial nerve may weaken and lead to facial paralysis. First of all, you need a break.

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