Napoli 21-year-old ace NFS declaration has no chance of transferring


Napoli 21-year-old ace NFS declaration has no chance of transferring


Napoli have declared Hvicha Kbaratsuhelia, 21, to remain.

Napoli remain at the top of Italy this summer with a successful overhaul of the squad. After the departure of key players such as Lorenzo Insigne (35), Dreys Mertens (34), and Kalidou Coulibaly (31), they recruited Hvicha, Kim Min-jae (26), Giacomo Las Padori (22), and Giovani Simeone (27).

Before the World Cup, he played his best in 21 games with 18 wins, 2 draws, and 1 loss, and advanced to the round of 16 of the Union of Champions League.

Hvicha emerged as the center of the attack. He also showed his presence on the left side despite the absence of front-line Victor Osimen (25), who was injured early in the season. He helped the team by scoring and creating opportunities through sharp kicks while attacking half-space. So far, he has played 17 games and has recorded the most offensive points in the team with 8 goals and 10 assists. What’s more surprising is that Hvicha’s transfer fee was 10 million euros.

Other teams paid attention to Hvicha’s performance. He has been linked to Premier League teams and recently, rumors have been circulating that he will transfer to Newcastle United, which has started investing with huge support.

Napoli, however, declared Hvichai to remain. Cristiano Jiuntoli, 50, the head of Naples, said in an interview with “Sports Express,” “No matter how much the price is, we will never let Hvicha go.” There was no transfer fee or offer. He will continue to be with us.”

Currently, Hvicha is with Naples until June 2027. There is no release clause. Napoli seek to extend their contract on improved terms, even though the contract is less than a year old to protect the main player

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