Ha Jae sook lost 24kg and her friends were surprised Look

Ha Jae sook

Ha Jae sook lost 24kg and her friends were surprised Look at her skinny legs

Ha Jae sook

Ha Jae-sook told me about her thinness wouldn’t be recognized.

On the afternoon of the 12th, actor Ha Jae-sook said on her Instagram, “Thank you for picking me up to Seoul and giving me a surprise flower. As soon as I got home, the old house spread out on the sofa #walkaholic #Thank you for taking time out of busynessAlong with the article “#Goseong’s House,” he posted several photos and videos containing his recent status.

In the released photo, Ha Jae-sook is enjoying a walk holding her husband Lee Joon-haeng’s hand tightly. Ha Jae-sook, who is much thinner than before, attracts attention. One acquaintance said, “Look at her legs! They’re so skinny!”You worked hard in Seoul”Since we’re in Sokcho, please take care of your body quickly,” he said in a comment.

Meanwhile, Ha Jae-sook married a non-celebrity Lee Joon-haeng in 2016 and is living in Goseong, Gangwon-do. In addition, he played Shin Maria in KBS2’s weekend drama “Okay Gwangsisters” and received favorable reviews from viewers. He is currently appearing on KBS2’s entertainment show “I want to take it out.”

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