Hong Sangsoo’s new work, Kim Minhee is the head of the production

Hong Sangsoo

Hong Sangsoo’s new work, Kim Minhee is the head of the production office and has been together for 6 years.

Hong Sangsoo

Film director Hong Sang-soo (61) and actor Kim Min-hee (39), who are lovers, once again worked together in the work. This time, I met with the director and the production manager, not the director and actor.

Director Hong’s new film “In front of Your Face” will be released in Korea on October 21. This work, which was also an official invitation to the 74th Cannes Film Festival, is Hong’s 26th feature film. He worked on not only production, screenplay, and directing, but also filming, editing, and music. Girlfriend Kim Min-hee played the role of the production director for the second time since the movie “Introduction.”

Distributor film production company, Content Panda, released the main poster in front of your face on the 8th. Sang-ok, the heroine, was seen staring somewhere with her arms wrapped around her. This role was played by actor Lee Hye-young. The movie features the day of Sang-ok, an old actor who returned to Korea after several years and stayed at his younger brother’s house. Actors Cho Yoon-hee, Kwon Hae-hyo, Seo Young-hwa, and Kim Sae-byeok will appear.

In front of your face was first unveiled through the Cannes Premier Division of the 74th Cannes Film Festival. Foreign media said, “Director Hong seems to test the limitations of how far the story is to simplify while at the same time saving various elaborate resonations, forebears, and suggestions.” “At a time when it is easy to weaken, the audience needs to reconsider the beauty of our daily lives that director Hong wants to show in the work,” and “It’s the most touching of director Hong’s movies.”

In the domestic review world, “This movie resembles the face of the world,” and “The world of heavy directness is approaching inadvertently.” “It justifies the film as an art of existence, not an art of perception,” was evaluated.

Meanwhile, director Hong and Kim Min-hee developed into lovers by working on the movie Now Right and Wrong Then released in 2015. Some criticism arose when the inappropriate relationship between married coach Hong and Kim Min-hee was reported, but the two officially admitted to having a special relationship at a press preview in March 2017 부산출장마사지

At the time, coach Hong said, “I truly love you,” adding, “Because of the background of each of our lives and the current situation, everyone has no choice but to have different opinions. Even if you don’t like it, you can’t help it. “I want to be treated the same way by others,” he said. Kim Min-hee also said, “I will humbly accept any criticism or situation raised before me.”

The two later worked together in the films “Alone at Night Beach,” “After,” “Clair’s Camera,” “Pul Leaves,” “Gangbyeon Hotel,” “The Woman Who Ran away” and “Introduction.” In 2019, Hong lost the divorce suit and rumors of a breakup arose several times, but they are still meeting.

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