Dr. Cha Jung-sook I wondered who Choi Eun-kyung was

Cha Jung-sook

Dr. Cha Jung-sook I wondered who Choi Eun-kyung was

Cha Jung-sook

Choi Eun-kyung made a strong impression when Cha Jung-sook (Eom Jung-hwa) appeared as a shaman who visited with her friend Baek Mi-hee (Baek Joo-hee) in the 8th episode of JTBC’s “Dr. Cha Jung-sook,” which aired on the 7th.

Listening to the two’s concerns, Cha Jung-sook gave fun and laughter with half-right and half-wrong answers.

Choi Eun-kyung made her debut in 2004 with the play “Why Simcheong threw herself into per capita water twice,” and made her name known on a number of theater stages, including “Trains Road,” “Suhee-soo,” and “Oh My, Oh My, Oh My.” He then belongs to the theater group “Polar Power Plant 301,” which aims for a young and fresh creative play, and has been continuously showing activities in Daehangno, including “Byeongshin 3-stage Robot,” “Manrihyang” and “The Day Will Come.” Her performance led to the award, and in 2013, she showed her presence to the public with the Outstanding Acting Award for the Sinchon Literary One-act Drama Festival “Donggyeong.”

It is also showing solid skills that have been honed on stage, such as web dramas “A-TEEN Season 2” and “Romance Between Dog Garden.” In particular, he starred as Ye-In in Hong Eui-jung’s “Without a Sound,” which shook the film industry last year, drawing attention as a character that caught attention from his appearance. For the warrior of the work, he led the center of the play with a drastic transformation from head to toe, drawing enthusiastic responses from the audience and officials.

Choi Eun-kyung, who has shown remarkable presence and stable acting skills such as plays, movies, and dramas, recently played the intern role in the spring play <Mackerel in Room 5> in Daehangno, and the play will be performed in “Art Space Hyehwa” from May 3 to 14.

Expectations are high for another performance that actor Choi Eun-kyung, who is releasing her presence as a big scene stealer without filtering with her perfect character digestion regardless of genre.

“Dr. Cha Jung-sook” depicts the torn life of Cha Jung-sook, who became a resident for the first year from a 20-year housewife. Eom Jung-hwa’s “Life Reboot Challenge,” which awakened from an ordinary housewife whose family was everything to Dr. Cha Jung-sook, who used to be popular in the past, is gaining popularity with pleasant laughter and realistic empathy.

Meanwhile, JTBC’s “Dr. Cha Jung-sook” airs every Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 p.m

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