Maybe the coach was the problem but after replacing him


Maybe the coach was the problem but after replacing him he showed PS after 11 years of a 70 percent turnaround


The Philadelphia Phillies have changed completely after the manager’s replacement. He succeeded in rebounding after a month of his manager’s replacement and is looking at autumn baseball for the first time in 11 years.

Philadelphia won its home game against the Washington Nationals 11-0 on the 6th (Korea Standard Time). Philadelphia, which played 81 games in the season on the same day, marked 43 wins and 38 losses (win rate of .531) and ranked third in the National League wild card division in the postseason cut line.

A month ago, Philadelphia was far from autumn baseball. By the 3rd of last month, he had a winning margin of “-7” with 22 wins and 29 losses (winning rate of .431). In the end, he made a decision to replace coach George Girardi. Girardi, who led the New York Yankees to the World Series title in 2009, failed to advance to the postseason for the second consecutive year after taking office in Philadelphia and dropped out in the final year of his contract.

There was also public opinion that it was too early to replace the coach because it was two months after the opening of the season. But then Philadelphia President Dave Dombrowski said, “We’re not showing the power we have. It’s a frustrating season, and it’s a situation that needs a change. A new voice in the clubhouse could turn things around,” said bench coach Rob Thompson, who was appointed acting coach. “I’m ready to lead the team,” said Thompson, who has been a Philadelphia bench coach since 2018. We can change the situation,” he said confidently.

Dombrowski’s decision and Thompson’s confidence worked. He started the rebound with nine consecutive wins, including one before replacing the coach. In the last 30 games against Washington on the 6th, the winning percentage is 70 percent with 21 wins and 9 losses. In contrast to the fact that the Los Angeles Angels, which replaced Joe Madden, who had 27 wins and 29 losses (winning rate of .482) at the same time, are performing worse with 10 wins and 16 losses (winning rate of .385) under acting coach Phil Nevin. During this period, his performance changed dramatically with 172 points and 116 runs and +56 points

At the center of it is big gun Kyle Schwarber, who joined the FA. Schwaber, who had only 34 hits, 12 home runs, 25 RBIs, and OPS.744 in 49 games before the manager’s replacement, is swinging his bat under Thompson’s 30-game batting average of .261, 30 hits, 13 home runs, and 28 RBIs with OPS 1.023. He also hit consecutive home runs against Washington on the 6th. Main gun Bryce Harper left due to a finger fracture caused by a sand pitch, but Schwarber is firmly at the center.

According to local media such as “,” Schwaber said, “We are trying to advance to the postseason,” adding, “The start of the season did not go as we wanted, but now we are a better team than April and May.” Everyone is beginning to understand each other. There are a lot of new faces, but now we’re close to a group 코인파워볼사이트

His pitching ability has improved to the point where he has won two consecutive games without losing a point. The team’s ERA, which was 18th (4.07) in Girardi’s system, rose to 8th (3.43) in Thompson’s acting system. During this period, Aaron Nola is showing the power of a one-two punch with two wins and one loss in five games with a 1.70 ERA and Jack Wheeler with four wins and one loss in six games with a 1.96.

After the LA Dodgers, the New York Mets, and the New York Yankees, the fourth-largest luxury roaster in the team’s total annual salary is now showing its true value. If you look at the current momentum, you can expect to hold an autumn baseball game in Philadelphia for the first time in 11 years since 2011

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