Harry Kane is so exhausted. Worry about Qatar World Cup D-11 Conte

Harry Kane

Harry Kane is so exhausted. Worry about Qatar World Cup D-11 Conte

Harry Kane

“Harry Kane is so tired.”

Tottenham manager Antonio Conte delivered the updated news about the condition of England’s national team’s “captain” Kane, who is set to play in the Qatar World Cup.

Tottenham was hit 0-2 by Nottingham Forest in the third round of the 2022-2023 English League Cup at Nottingham City Ground on the 10th (Korea time). Kane was replaced by Brian Hill in the 14th minute of the second half. Hishalisson, the “Brazilian national team,” was also replaced by Ivan Perisic.

Conte confessed about the decision to exclude Kane after the defeat, saying, “Kane is too tired.” “I was tired. I’m really exhausted,” he said. “Yesterday we had a light training session. At some point, he stopped himself to recover his energy. It’s okay now. He explained, “I’m just tired, and I’m in normal condition now.”

Even with the Qatar World Cup 11 days away, Conte expressed satisfaction with the mentality of the players who are doing their best for their team. “I have the best players and players with good personality,” he said. “Other players may be selfish, saying, ‘I have to play the World Cup in a week,’ but Kane has set an example for a really good player.” “Not only Kane, but also Rodrigo Bentancourt, Peri치i, and Eric Dyer are all the same. He added, “He played a lot of games.”

“I faced a really difficult situation regarding my injury, and I ended up in a very difficult situation. “Now we have to try to find energy in the rest of the game,” he said, expressing regret over his elimination from the cup tournament.

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