I revealed a picture of MINO winning the lottery


I revealed a picture of MINO winning the lottery with a maximum of 1 billion won


Song Min-ho, a member of the group WINNER, has released a proof shot of winning the lottery.

On the 7th, Song Minho said on his Instagram, “Oh, wait”. “What’s this? “Why can’t I recognize the code? How much is this?” and released the photo.

The released photo shows an instant lottery ticket that Song Min-ho scratched. If the same number matches three times, you will win, but you posted a proof shot. However, the winning amount is still unknown.

Ten minutes later, he wrote, “First-come, first-served ice cream, I can’t recognize QR,” and then announced that the winning amount was 2,000 won, making fans laugh.

Meanwhile, WINNER, which includes Song Min-ho, released its fourth mini-album “HOLIDAY” on the 5th and topped iTunes’ 18 regional worldwide album charts. It was ranked at the top in the United States and Japan, mainly in Asia and North and South America

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