Because of Hyoyeon’s juniors, I lost 9kg I’m determined


Because of Hyoyeon’s juniors, I lost 9kg I’m determined to make a comeback


Singer Hyo-yeon said she released her first solo mini-album and lost 9kg.

SBS Power FM’s “Choi Hwa-jung’s Power Time,” which aired on the 17th, featured Hyo-yeon, who released her first solo mini-album “DEEP.”

Hyo-yeon released her first solo mini-album “DEEP” on the 16th. Seven songs of various electronic genres, including the title song “Deep” of the same name, “Stupid,” “Second,” and “DESSERT,” were included. The title song “Deep” is an EDM (electronic dance music) genre song that captures the feelings of falling deeper and deeper while biting each other.

When Hyo-yeon asked her how she manages her beauty, she said, “I once fell into a late-night snack, and I gained a little weight,” adding, “I’m working with Red Velvet and Espa friends, and they’re all skinny, so I lost about 9kg.”

In particular, an article announcing the comeback of the entire Girls’ Generation in August was also released. In response, Hyo-yeon said, “I really wanted to talk, but there was an article today,” adding, “I couldn’t tell my parents, but I’m so happy that I can tell them now.” “We were very determined and bad,” he added, raising expectations

Regarding the mini album Deep, Hyo-yeon explained, “We have collected songs that have been released as singles in one place,” adding, “And we have many songs that are good to listen to in the summer.” In addition, Hyo-yeon, who said, “I get really sensitive when I prepare for the album, but I never got sensitive this time,” said, “I was having a concept meeting with the staff, and the staff immediately thought of the concept and I liked it so much that I got goosebumps.” He brought a concept that I’ve never done before, and I’m worried about it being too strong, but I really liked it this time.”

In addition, Honey J participated in the choreography of the title song “Deep.” Hyo-yeon said, “I met my sister for the first time on a dance competition program called ‘Hit the Stage’ and worked with her. It’s number one in my heart. When I heard the song this time, I thought of my sister. So I contacted my sister and joined Holibang. For three to four days, I was able to communicate briefly and strongly,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Hyo-yeon announced her plan for the EDM festival, saying, “I think we will start overseas in the second half of the year. There are many countries that I haven’t been to. I want to see the fans up close, so I want to go on a small or big stage.”

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