Lee Seung-woo, not Belgian. Just brag about his days as a barsa

Lee Seung-woo

Lee Seung-woo, not Belgian. Just brag about his days as a barsa.

Lee Seung-woo

Lee Seung-woo (23, photo) of the first division of the Belgian professional football league, Sintraweedon, has been criticized again by local media in Belgium 파워볼사이트

The Belgian media “Bootball Belgium” reported on the 14th that “Sintraudon wants to dispose of Lee Seung-woo because Lee Seung-woo is not fit for the strong and tough Belgian football style.” Bootbal Belgium also criticized Lee Seung-woo in October 2019, saying, “I was kicked out of the locker room during training with an insincere attitude,” and “I cannot guarantee success in Belgium just by playing for Barcelona.”

Bootbal Belgium also took issue with Lee Seung-woo’s career in Barcelona. “There have been frequent rumors that Lee Seung-woo boasted too much about his past when he played for Barcelona and went on strike in violation of the club’s guidelines,” Bootbal Belgium said. Lee Seung-woo boasts of his career as he played for Barcelona as he did in the past, and is arrogant.

The media outlet pointed out that Lee Seung-woo’s performance and lifestyle as well as his attitude toward the transfer were insincere. “Lee Seung-woo is not enthusiastic about the transfer to Turkey, so there is an obstacle in the negotiations. It is still too early to report that he could head to Goachepe, Turkey’s first division.” Earlier, Belgian media “Boot Valkland” said, “Lee Seung-woo has come close to renting Goethe Fay. “We have reached an agreement between the teams, and only personal negotiations are left.”

Lee Seung-woo, who left Serie A Hellas Verona in Italy ahead of the 2019-2020 season and moved to his current team, scored only two goals in 13 games. After Peter Mars’ 57-year-old coach took office, he did not even get a chance to play.

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