Let’s learn about Korean actor, Baek Yoon-sik

Baek Yoon-sik

a veteran actor in Korea

Unlike ordinary veteran actors who usually play the role of the main character’s father, they often play the role of a teacher whose character is alive, advisor, seclusion master, or villain who grows the main character by blocking the lead rather than the role of a father. Controlled and seasoned acting is excellent. Strong and heavy voices also play a part. The acting style is the opposite side of the method, that is, not the way you become a character, but the way you magnetize the character. Nevertheless, it can be inferred that he has played various roles.

A former KBS talent who was hired by KBS, he has been acting for a long time. In 1981, Baek Yoon-sik starred in KBS legend’s hometown of “Smile of a Private Body” (1981), and Baek Yoon-sik’s name in the drama was “Baek Do-bin.” The story is said to fall in love with the main character “Dobin,” who the female angel of death should take to the next world, and Baek Yoon-sik’s bath scene is quite impressive. She performed with Choi Sun-ah in the 86th film “The Southern Cross,” a semi-Communist and melodrama.

He has appeared in quite a variety of films, even playing a pervert Japanese who is obsessed with women. In 1992, right after SBS’s opening, a drama called “The Rose Garden” (a translation of the work of American novelist Aileen Goodge) unfolded a love scene with Kim Hye-sun and presented her with a love scene. As of now, the level was quite high, with scenes of taking a shower together and stopping Kim Hye-sun’s child in person (both were doctors).

The work, which developed a unique image of today after playing a serious role in melodrama, was popular for its expressionless comic acting as a pervert eccentric art teacher in the work, which was produced in 1994 in Seoul. Later, in 1997, KBS Bluebird once again received much public attention as a pseudo-martial arts teacher on “I Have.”

Protect the Earth in the film industry!drew attention as a lecturer in Unlike the current restrained acting tone, it shows a very emotional and explosive performance. Since then, he has been reborn as a veteran actor who is also recognized by the public through the reconstruction of crimes, the technique of fighting, and the tazza (movie).

When portal Paran was launched in 2004, he even held a guitar and filmed an advertisement.

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