Actor Shin Se-kyung said, “Isn’t it a doll?” A mannequin-like body + visual…

Actor Shin Se-kyung

Actor Shin Se-kyung said, “Isn’t it a doll?” A mannequin-like body + visual…That’s unrealistic.

Actor Shin Se-kyung

Actor Shin Sekyung showed off her unrealistically beautiful visuals.

On the 2nd, Shin Se-kyung posted two photos with the message, “I’m going to meet autumn and winter items.”

In the released photo, Shin Se-kyung poses in a dress with slim shoulders and limbs exposed. He is eye-catching because he shows off his doll-like beauty and figure.

Actor Shin Se-kyung drew admiration from fans with her small face and distinct features. Fans responded in various ways, such as “Isn’t it a doll?” “It’s so pretty,” “You look so fancy,” “Have a good time in Paris,” “Go away quickly, spring and summer,” and “So pretty Se-kyung.”

Meanwhile, Shin Sekyung, who was born in 1990 and turns 33 years old, communicates with the public through her YouTube account, and played the role of Oh Mi-joo in the JTBC drama “Run On,” which ended in 2021. Shin Se-kyung is about to release the tvN drama ‘Arthdal Chronicles 2’.

She is one of the most underrated actresses. The characters in charge are similar, so it seems that it is because tone and expression acting are fixed. However, since the girl who sees the smell, she has crossed a wide variety of genres, dispelling critical views. Since his debut in the adult role in the sitcom “High Kick Through the Roof” in 2009, he has been the main female character, and his acting skills are so good that he has been cast in various dramas such as historical dramas and romance. In the JTBC drama “Run On,” which aired from December 2020 to February 2021, he played the role of the female main character Oh Mi-Joo and was praised as “Oh Mi-Joo itself.”His acting skills have been well received. The delicate expression and natural daily acting are realistic and I can relate to him. Shin Se-kyung showed further growth through this work. In addition, he showed his outstanding English skills, which he has honed and honed as a translator by profession.

Fans are paying keen attention to what they will look like in season 2 of the drama Arthdal Chronicles.

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