YG Entertainment, Let’s Learn About Singer Black Pink

YG Entertainment

A four-member girl group from YG Entertainment.

On August 8, 2016, he debuted with his single album SQUARE ONE at 8 p.m. It is the first girl group to be newly launched by YG Entertainment in seven years since 2NE1 and the first artist to be in charge of full-scale production by Teddy.

It is one of the world’s most popular K-pop groups, and is rewriting the history of K-pop girl groups.

Since his debut, he has appeared on various music programs and radio programs, and has been recognized for his outstanding skills in many ways. Not only excellent dance, dance, vocal skills, but also talent. It is regarded as YG’s jewel that has been hidden for a long time. Even though each member has a clear position and specialty [13], it is an advantage that he or she shows his or her skills in the field, not in the main position.

In line with the phrase “Hyun Suk’s treasure chest,” the members as a whole have considerable skills in various ways, including singing and dancing. Perhaps that’s why the public, who is not interested in idol groups or the music industry, is also very well-known to the public. As YG does, it has a strong image as a talented idol, but its musicality and visuals do not lag behind it. In addition, Jisoo and Jenny are further enhancing their capabilities as artists by participating in the lyrics and composition of the title track of their first full-length album THE ALBUM, Lovesick Girls. Now it is safe to say that BLACKPINK has also shown the potential to grow into a group capable of producing itself.

Based on the hip-hop base pursued by YG, the company is presenting various genres of music. For example, they are making a wide range of attempts, such as applying electronic to hip-hop sound or punk rock to hip-hop sound. It also has a musical tendency to appeal to not only BLACKPINK fans but also the general public, creating unprecedented hits that captivate fans and the public at the same time.

Overall, Teddy is in charge of producing music, and YG’s subsidiary and producers from Black Label, which is represented by Teddy, are participating in the songwriting. Recently, collaboration with foreign composers has been active, and various and new BLACKPINK’s music is coming out.

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