It was a substitute for Kim Min-jae and Bertonne, a foreign correspondent

Kim Min-jae

It was a substitute for Kim Min-jae and Bertonne, a foreign correspondent.

Kim Min-jae

Kim Min-jae’s transfer to the European League is becoming a hot topic again. Currently, foreign media outlets are reporting the news that Kim Min-jae is receiving Chelsea’s attention, including Tottenham Hotspur 안전공원

In the midst of this, Gana media <Carnet> has long talked about the transfer of Kim Min-jae. “Tottenham is ready to compete for highly rated Korean center back Kim Min-jae,” “Tottenham has been generally interested in Son Heung-min’s teammate Kim Min-jae of the national team, Jan Bertoan,” said.

“Beijing Guoan is willing to cash Kim Min-jae, whose contract expires at the end of 2021, said <The Soccer Net>, adding that Kim Min-jae’s current team is also fully mindful of his potential sales.

Tottenham are currently looking for a large defender to take over the next generation. A few years ago, the Berton-Tobi Alderweirelt combination was great, but now that time has passed, there is a high possibility that Berton will leave and Alderweireld will soon lose his skills.

Therefore, it is important to select promising young center backs. Kim Min-jae is considered a strong candidate. Attention is focusing on whether Kim Min-jae, who has long been considered a substitute for Berton, will be able to succeed in moving to Europe soon. Tottenham is definitely a good destination.

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