Watch the video on the angry player’s phone vs. cool referee you’re out


Watch the video on the angry player’s phone vs. cool referee you’re out.


An absurd exit incident occurred in Turkey’s Schiffer League, drawing attention.

Besiktashi won 3-0 to Shivaspor in the 14th round of the 2020-2021 Turkish Schiffer League at Vodafone Arena in Istanbul early Monday (Korea time). In the match, Besiktashi simply overpowered Shivaspor thanks to a series of goals by Gwiben Yaltsen in the 18th minute, Silarin in the 39th minute of the second half, and Ogujan Ozakub just before the end of the game.

However, it is drawing more attention because of the happening during the game rather than winning or losing. This is about the defeated Shivaspor midfielder Hakan Arslan. Arslan protested harshly to referee Arda Cardeschler, who was heading to the locker room after the whistle blew at the end of the first half. The problem is that he strongly protested the decision by showing replay on his smartphone 토토사이트

In response, the referee Kardeschler immediately pulled out a yellow card, and Arslan, who was even angrier, kicked the A-board and headed to the locker room after throwing out the smartphone he had in his hand. The referee took out the second yellow card and sent Arslan out.

Arslan’s exit is drawing attention as it is a rare case in which a player is sent off for protesting against the referee through smartphone replay, which seems to have had a significant problem with the referee’s decision.

The scene that Arslan took issue with was a loss to Yaltsen in the 18th minute of the first half. Besiktashi Lightback Ballantine’s Rosie passed to Rashid Gesal on the right touchline, and Yaltsen, who was rushing Gesal’s early cross into the goal, solved it. The problem is the heel pass that Rosie gave to Gezal. I tried to give up the ball with my heel when it was close to the touch line, but the ball completely crossed the line.

In other words, Yaltsen’s score is not recognized in normal judgment. However, despite the VAR reading, the referee acknowledged the goal. Arslan, who could not contain his anger, protested the decision by showing a video of Yaltsen’s scoring situation posted on the Internet as soon as the first half ended. Arslan’s actions are clearly wrong, but the referee is also unlikely to be able to avoid great criticism. In fact, various Turkish media are currently arguing about the scene.

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