Kim Junho’s girlfriend Kim Jimin and My Little Old Boy

Kim Junho

Kim Junho’s girlfriend Kim Jimin and My Little Old Boy A surprise proposal

Kim Junho

“My Ugly Baby” Kim Joon-ho makes a surprise proposal to his junior Kim Ji-min, who is in an open relationship.

SBS’s “My Ugly Baby,” which will air at 9:05 p.m. on the 10th, will reveal Kim Joon-ho’s introduction of his girlfriend Kim Ji-min for the first time in front of his younger siblings.

In a recent shoot, the two were envious of everyone as they were revealed for the first time when they were alone.

On the other hand, Kim Hee-chul and Kim Jong-min, who met the couple at the camping site, were shocked by Kim Joon-ho’s unexpected love affair, which changed 180 degrees in front of Kim Ji-min alone. In addition, Kim Jun-ho proposed to Kim Ji-min in a surprise way, saying, “Let’s get married,” surprising not only the site but also the studio

In addition, actor Ji Hyun-woo, who is loved as the “National Chairman” in “National Younger Men,” will visit on the show.

At the time of the studio, Ji Hyun-woo, like a “melo master” who steals women’s hearts, introduced three sets of heart-throbbing aegyo and a new song, sparking a hot response from a parent. In addition, he revealed “no TV at home and no bed,” showing an unexpected twist.

Ji Hyun-woo then picked “When I saw the other person’s rice bowl empty clean” as a moment of heart attack on Lee Sung, and was caught as salty as Kim Jong-guk. It raises questions about what the reason why he became a “cheerful Hyun-woo” is.

For this reason, the recording studio is said to have become a sea of laughter as he was accused of picking out inexpensive events even though he talked about romantic events (planned events) for his girlfriend.

“My Little Old Boy” airs every Sunday at 9:05 p.m

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