Kim Hansoo is a wise judge…What is the reason for recruiting…

Kim Hansoo

Kim Hansoo is a wise judge…What is the reason for recruiting a bench coach who was a coach?

Kim Hansoo

The Toronto Blue Jays announced a surprise news on the morning of the 1st .

It was big news that former Miami Marlins coach Don Mattingly would be hired as a bench coach. Mattingly, 61, has served as the Marlins manager for seven seasons so far this year. Due to his poor performance of 69-93 this year, he agreed with the club and stepped down as a manager. He seemed to return to his hometown of Indiana and become a wild man who was no longer engaged in baseball.

Mattingly is a baseball player loved by Americans. His nickname is Donny Baseball. He played 14 seasons for the New York Yankees from 1982 to 1995. In 1985, he won the American League MVP award with a batting average of 0.324, 35 home runs, and 145 RBIs. He served as captain of the Yankees and retired his number 23. It was honored to be displayed at Yankee Stadium Monuments Park.

He is the most famous national ball star coach ever due to the selection of the bench coach. As Toronto recruited Mattingly as a bench coach, the club and coach John Schneider mobilized all kinds of praise, saying, “I’m so excited about Donny’s recruitment.” Unfortunately, former manager Charlie Montoyo, who was fired from Toronto during the season, returned to baseball as a bench coach for the Chicago White Sox.

Mattingly said in a zoom interview, “John (Schneider) wanted it and I just need to make him comfortable and help the player is my job. “I will humbly accept this job and I don’t want any noise,” he said. Mattingly was actually a star player-turned-manager, but he was very modest. He didn’t make his point, but always spoke on the side of the player. Sandy Alcantara of the Dominican Republic of Marlins, the main character of this year’s National League Cy Young Award, said, “I’m grateful to Donny (Mattingly).”

Schneider, 42, who signed a three-year contract after being tagged as acting coach this year, was a New Jersey native who liked the Yankees as a child and Mattingly was a hero. Toronto’s biggest reason for selecting Mattingi is the assistant of coach Schneider, who has short experience, but his judgment considering the American League East also played a part. Mattingly played only in the AL East. After retiring, he served as coach and coach of the Marlins for the Los Angeles Dodgers and played only in the National League.

He is an all-time big shot as a bench coach, but he has many advantages such as abundant coaching experience, knowing the AL eastern attributes well, and having a good sense of hitting. Of course, he has the burden of sitting down from coach to coach. However, he did not care about the coaching position due to Toronto coach Schneider’s persuasion. Experts are paying attention to Toronto’s attack in the 2023 season.

In American sports, it is very natural to change to a coach after coaching. It is quite different from domestic. It is a common sight not only in MLB but also in NBA and NFL. Most coaches are recruited as coaches when they are new coaches with no experience. For the club, it is a safety device and an option. Another is the role of coaches in American sports. It is not a place to move according to the coach’s instructions like in Korea. Assist but continue to do one’s role. It is an element that requires a club in the field of expertise.

Among the 30 MLB teams, there are as many as nine bench coaches who used to be coaches, including Mattingly. Baltimore Orioles Freddie Gonzalez (former Atlanta coach), Minnesota Twins’ Jaycee Tingler (former San Diego Padres), Oakland ace Brad Osmus (former Los Angeles Angels), Arizona Diamondbacks’ Jeff Banister (former Texas Rangers), Atlanta Braves’ Walt Weiss (former Colorado Rockies), Chicago Cubs’ Andy Green (former San Diego Padres), and Chicago Dodgers’s Chicago Dodgers’s Chicago Dodgers’s Chicago Dodgers’ Charlie Gator.

The MLB bench coach is the head coach of the KBO League. Lee Seung-yeop, a superstar who has no experience as a coach this year, took the helm of Doosan, recruiting Kim Hansoo, a former teammate and former Samsung Lions coach, as the head coach. It’s a wise decision. Experience cannot be bought with money.

Kim Hansoo is korean baseball player coach.

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