FSG Liverpool put up for sale…Will 12 years of history end?

FSG Liverpool

FSG Liverpool put up for sale…Will 12 years of history end?

FSG Liverpool

Liverpool is expected to leave the hands of U.S. capital and meet a new owner.

The British edition of global sports media The Athletic exclusively reported on the 7th (Korea Standard Time) that the Fenway Sports Group (FSG) of the United States put Liverpool up for sale.

The media said, “A presentation for the sale of Liverpool was provided to interested parties. FSG has sought opportunities to sell in the past, but has been accompanied so far. It is unclear whether the deal will be finalized. However, the FSG is receiving suggestions.

U.S. multinational investment bank Goldman Sachs said Morgan Stanley was helping the deal. FSG said through the media, “There were multiple rumors and multiple changes to the ownership change of Premier League clubs. And inevitably we have been asked regularly about Liverpool possession. The FSG has been consistently motivated by third-party groups who want to win Liverpool’s stake. FSG said it could hand over ownership to a new owner under hostile and hostile conditions.

FSG acquired Liverpool from George Gillette Jr. and Tom Hicks in October 2010 and has owned Liverpool for 12 years this year. FSG is a well-known group that owns the Boston Red Sox in the U.S. Major League Baseball.

Along with the FSG, Liverpool made a leap forward again from the mid-tier team. He appointed manager Jürgen Klopp in 2015, and later won the UEFA Champions League in the 2018/19 season and the Premier League in the 2019/20 season, making it a new history of winning the first division in 30 years.

Along with FSG, Anfield has also been expanded, and recently, the expansion of the Anfield Road Stand is underway to increase the capacity to 61,000 people. The construction is scheduled to be completed next summer.

The FSG also left Melwood, Liverpool’s existing training ground, and built a new Axa Training Center located in Cutby, a new training ground, so that players could train in a better environment.

FSG sold its 11 percent stake to Redbird Capital Partners, another Liverpool stakeholder, last year and bought a stake in the Pittsburgh Penguins, the top team in the National Ice Hockey League (NHL).

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