Jung Yumi, Kangta, the girlfriend who saw the concert

Jung Yumi

Jung Yumi, Kangta, the girlfriend who saw the concert without her boyfriend after the rumor that she got married this fall

Jung Yumi

Actress Jung Yu-mi told Kangta about her first recent situation since her marriage.

On the 9th, Jung Yu-mi posted a picture on Instagram, saying, “Anyone who wants to enjoy, come here.”

In the photo, Jung Yu-mi watched the musical ‘Volume Up’ with her fellow actors. After watching, I had a happy time taking a proof shot with Hong Kyung-min and Seven.

It is the first time that Jung Yu-mi has revealed her recent status since rumors of marriage and a meeting with her boyfriend Kangta surfaced. Earlier, through a YouTube channel, it was reported that Jung Yu-mi and Kangta are about to get married this fall, and they also finished their meeting. However, both Kangta and Jung Yoo-mi explained, “There are no specific plans.”

Meanwhile, Jung Yu-mi and Kang Ta have been dating for two years

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