Girls’ Generation’s withdrawal Jessica’s favorite girl group BLACKPINK


Girls’ Generation’s withdrawal Jessica’s favorite girl group BLACKPINK Crystal shares a good restaurant.


Jessica picked “Black Pink” as her favorite girl group.

Jessica, a former member of Girls’ Generation, answered numerous questions from netizens in a Q&A video released on August 16 on her YouTube official channel “Jessica Jung.”

Asked when her new album will be released, Jessica said, “I’m working on my album. “I think I was pushed back while waiting for a good time after the coronavirus broke out,” he said, raising expectations. Jessica’s new song is about to come out.

Also, when asked about her favorite girl group, Jessica immediately replied, “BLACKPINK.”

When asked what she enjoys doing with her sister Crystal, she said, “I like to eat. I share a good restaurant. I often go first, but we envy each other. “I make fun of Su-Jeong if she succeeds in making a reservation and doesn’t succeed,” he said.

Asked what to do when there are depressing moments, Jessica cries instead of trying to deny it. Since dawn is my own time, I use it when I want to cry and talk. I try not to let it go too far.

“As the year goes by, there seem to be only good people around me. “It is helpful to share depression with good people.”

Meanwhile, Jessica will release her new song “I Can’t Sleep” at 6 p.m. on the 27th. “Can’t Sleep” is the first OST and jazz-style easy listening ballad track of the Lifetime entertainment program “Jessica & Crystal’s As You Wish,” which depicts Jessica and her sister’s trip to the U.S. It depicts the sorrowful and affectionate heart of a lover who is heartbroken and unable to fall asleep while missing his ex-boyfriend 부산출장마사지

It is Jessica’s first new song in two years since “Call Me Before You Go To Sleep (Feat. Giriboy.

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