I’m getting a lump of menstrual blood symptom


I’m getting a lump of menstrual blood.


Fish blood is a symptom of blood forming in one place, or blood. There is a woman who sometimes describes lumpy blood as menstrual blood. Several chunks of the size of half a finger or a word come out, or often the size of a fist pours out. The causes vary and cannot be easily determined.

Physiology is released with blood after the endometrium is removed. Most of them come in liquid 비아그라구입

When you are not feeling well, feeling tired or stressed, you can get several lumps as big as fingernails. If these symptoms are growing in size due to prolonged duration, not temporary, it is likely to be another cause.

The larger the lump and the more the number, the worse the prognosis. This is because many diseases such as uterine myoma, endometriosis, and uterine adenomyopathy were found after the test. Uterine diseases are not necessarily the cause of menstrual blood. For accurate diagnosis, a test must be taken.

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