After Sungjun was discharged from the army


After Sungjun was discharged from the army, Guggimanshaun was worried and scared about his comeback.


Actor Sung-joon told the reason why he appeared on “Gogi Manshawn.”

Sung-joon said at the production presentation of KT’s summer drama collage “Gogi Manshaun: The Original” online on the 28th, “When I received the scenario, the characters were so alive and each story was so well connected that the script was read smoothly.”

“I had a lot of worries and fears because it was a comeback film after I was discharged from the military, but I thought this was it.” “I thought I should be a good listener because I have to play a bridge role to connect each omnibus,” he said about what he prepared for the horror webtoon writer character.

“The Original” tells the story of a strange incident that the webtoon writer “Jiwoo,” who visited the old apartment “Gwangrim Manshawn” for coverage, hears from the caretaker. It will be aired for the first time on the SKY channel at 9:40 p.m. on the 30th, and will be released every Friday as a trilogy of 60 minutes on the SKY channel, and as an eight-part series of 20 minutes on Olleh TV, Seezn, Skylife.

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