I’m a solo artist I’m in trouble because of the sudden interest


I’m a solo artist I’m in trouble because of the sudden interest in spoilers


The cast of “I’m Solo” gave another spoiler. I hurriedly removed the picture, but I’ve already seen too much snow.

The photo posted on his Instagram on the 24th by the 10th cast member of ENA PLAY and SBS Plus “I’m SOLO” Ok-soon (hereinafter an alias) became a source of trouble. Ok-soon revealed the fact that she had an individual meeting with some of the cast members.

The problem is that among the 10th performers, they also released a photo of a couple sitting closely with Young-sik, who is forming a love line, and with their arms folded. The photo was quickly deleted when it became controversial, but it has already been distributed online.

With the contents taken in June currently being broadcasted, Ok-soon’s release of the photo was an unexpected act that was rude to the production team and viewers of “I Am Solo.”

This is not the first time that Ok-soon has made a photo mistake. Although he did not reveal his partner in detail, he also received a lot of attention in July by uploading a photo taken during a date on Instagram. He revealed the situation that he had dated, reducing his immersion in watching “I Am Solo.”

Of course, the date may be a completely different man, not a “I’m Solo” cast member. Nevertheless, if you were aware of the broadcast of “I Am Solo,” you could have known the date pride after the end of the 10th “I Am Solo.”

The release of the photos of Ok-soon’s physical contact with the 10th Young-sik reminds us of the spoiler post of the 9th Young-sook. Young-sook uploaded a picture on her Instagram reminiscent of Kwang-soo, who was forming a love triangle at the time.

After becoming the final couple, even Kwang-soo asked, “Wasn’t that me?” Young-sook hinted at the couple with Kwang-soo in advance. Young-sook explained that she was “not Kwang-soo” at the time of the live broadcast of “I was a solo,” but she appeared to be on and off again by posting an apology that reversed her remarks on Instagram.

The 9th Young-sook and 10th Ok-soon were drunk on the atmosphere as hot attention poured out after appearing in “I am a solo.” Otherwise, when Young-sook was criticized for being involved with Kwang-soo and Ok-soon, she wanted to defend her lover.

The two cannot be accurately determined, but as a result, they did not observe the courtesy of viewers of the 9th Young-sook and 10th Ok-soon.

It is embarrassing whether the 10th Ok-soon shows the pattern of belatedly apologizing for the release of photos that were seen as spoilers after all the episodes were completed, like the 9th Young-sook.

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