I want to leave I hope to enter the Munich Special Winger


I want to leave I hope to enter the Munich Special Winger Premier League


Kingsley Coman has left Bayern Munich and wants a new challenge.

French media Le10 Sport said on the 10th (Korea Standard Time), “Comang has two years left until 2023 until his contract with Munich, but he is wanting to transfer before that. Munich wants to hold onto Coman, but it is having a hard time persuading him. This is because Coman is currently dreaming of playing for England. “There will be no problem moving to the Premier League as it is receiving attention from Liverpool and Manchester City,” he reported.

Comang has been the main player since joining Munich in 2017 after passing through PSG and Juventus, showing rapid growth. It goes without saying that he has fast maintenance and brilliant dribbling skills as a winger, and he has shown explosive performances on the side due to his flexibility and agility.

Kick ability has also been underpinned and has produced attack points based on high-quality crosses. In fact, he scored 41 goals and 50 assists in 203 games in Munich. In addition, he took the lead in the championship with the nickname “Winning Cheongbusa.” This is represented by his numerous wins, including six Bundesliga titles, one Champions League title, three DFB Pokal titles, and one FIFA Club World Cup title.

However, negotiations on renewal of the contract have been difficult due to a recent disagreement with Munich over a weekly increase. Komang wants a higher level of salary and treatment, asking for recognition of his performance, but Munich is rejecting the demand to resolve it within a set limit. In the meantime, Coman left Munich and declared a new challenge after receiving attention from many Premier League clubs 파워볼사이트

Currently, there are several Premier League clubs that are interested in Coman. Typical examples include Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, and Liverpool. The problem was the transfer fee of Komang set by Munich. According to the most recent report, Munich wanted 90 million euros (about 124.5 billion won) as a transfer fee. However, the situation is likely to change again. Coman is likely to lower the transfer fee for Munich as the contract period is only one year away by next summer.

Naturally, many teams will enter the transfer market to recruit Coman, so it is only a matter of time before he leaves Munich and enters the Premier League stage.

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