Hwang Siyeon sings the OST for webtoon “Byte Me”.‥

Hwang Siyeon

Hwang Siyeon sings the OST for webtoon “Byte Me”.‥Winter breakup song

Hwang Siyeon

Singer Hwang Siyeon aroused sympathy with the winter farewell song.

At noon on the 1st, Hwang Si-yeon’s webtoon “Bite Me” OST “If Love Hurts This Much” was released through various online music sites.

“If Love Hurts Like This” is a collaboration between composers, Lydia, and Lee Joo-yong, who have made songs for numerous dramas, and is a ballad song that contains the pain and longing of one person left alone after parting.

Like “I shouldn’t have started if love hurts like this/I’m getting used to loving you without you now/I couldn’t have endured like this without the memories I had with you,” the sympathetic lyrics, sweet sound, and the beautiful voice of vocalist Hwang Si-yeon maximized.

In particular, Hwang Si-yeon participated in various OSTs, including her album, dramas “I Love You Even If I Hate You,” “It’s Sunny Tomorrow,” “Let’s Walk on the Flower Road,” and “Eurachacha My Life,” and completed an OST suitable for her work with her appealing voice and rich expression.

The webtoon “Byte Me” is an interesting vampire purest story about what happens when college freshman Cho Eun-jo is bitten by a vampire who lives in the same building and is a senior and junior member of the same university.

Meanwhile, Hwang Si-yeon’s webtoon “Bite Me” OST “If Love Hurts Like This” can be heard on various online music sites.

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