Diabetes Diet Precautions Because of the increased


Diabetes Diet Precautions


Because of the increased risk of diabetes complications, in overweight and obese patients, about 10 percent of weight loss can increase insulin sensitivity, help control the next level, and can now calculate things like high blood pressure and hyperlipidemia. So diabetics stop dieting. Some patients come because they’re fat. There are diabetes medications to lose weight. If you lose weight like this, you’ll get better soon. Of course, you have to exercise and diet together. But I’d like you to register later

If it’s not good for teachers, are there any precautions when dieting? Hard-working people take medicine and exercise, so it’s better not to exercise for an hour. If you don’t have diabetes, you should track your diet diabetes symptoms at home, track how much sugar you lose when you exercise, and if you have too much hypoglycemia, you should reduce or control your medication

And if it’s low glucose, it’s good to eat something like simple glucose or candy. Because I need first aid. If you are in a hurry, overworked, or suddenly reduce your food, your hypoglycemia quickly runs out and you give up. The important thing is to slowly cut down on eating time so that you don’t wait too long on an empty stomach. Eat at a fixed time and predict 15 minutes slowly. You’ll feel the feelings of love faster, so you have to

Second, you eat a lot of fat and carbohydrates. Please avoid that. It is good for us to run a restaurant centered on protein vegetables. Of course, I’m going to record for the third time this week. Exercising to see how much blood sugar has improved and how much you’ve lost will motivate you and help you control your medicine later, so if you start exercising, you should do a regular sugar test 강남풀싸롱

Fourth, you have to prepare your mind. You need first aid for hypoglycemia, so you’d better be diagnosed with diabetes. Candy and glucose soda are big now. You can eat it like that if you feel dizzy because you’re out of sugar. If this happens too often, you need to cut back on your meds

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