Anna Suzy wrote her first diary and looked back on her childhood


Anna Suzy wrote her first diary and looked back on her childhood


“I looked back on my childhood especially to face Yumi’s anxiety. I thought that I worked really hard and lived fiercely.”

Actress Suzy responded when asked what she felt and looked back on a woman’s life story from her teens to her 30s with her first OTT work, Coupang Play “Anna.”

In an interview with reporters in Samcheong-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, on the afternoon of the 29th, Suzy said, “It was a very helpful time for me to look back on my past to play Yumi (Anna),” adding, “Thanks to this work, I have never consoled myself properly.”

Anna, which was released until the second episode on Coupang Play on the 24th, depicts the life of a woman who lived another person’s life by deceiving everything, including her name, family, and educational background, starting with a trivial lie. Suzy, who starred in the first one-top role in the movie, played Yumi (Anna), who lives a false life in anxiety with a moment of lies stemming from her false greed, showing a delicate and light emotional performance.

Suzy said, “I don’t know because I can’t afford to look for viewers’ reactions, but people around me contact me a lot that it’s fun,” adding, “I think it’s real or maybe it’s a hidden camera because there are so many good articles.”

It is said that from the beginning, she had a great desire to take charge of the work called “Anna.” When asked why he was attracted to the work, he explained, “I thought it was a very powerful story when I saw the moments when I strangely supported and sympathized with the child’s behavior, apart from the judgment that Yumi’s actions were bad or good.” He added that he was more greedy because he felt vague confidence and confidence that he could do well because he liked his role from the beginning.

While acting, she explained that she focused on delicate expressions while being restrained so that viewers could catch up with Yumi’s changing complex emotional lines without missing them.

Suzy said, “I loved it so much that I told the director that even 6-year-old Yumi could act,” and stressed, “My heart jumped while acting and I wanted to do better than anyone else.”

He said he felt particularly sorry for Yumi’s personal life. Suzy recalled, “It’s not because I’m happy with my life as Anna, who was obtained by lying like that, but because I felt like I was squeezing my throat, I was worried.”

He also complained that there were some moments when he felt miserable while acting in the character.

“Yumi lives on the 23rd floor and there is a scene where she encounters her former boss, Hyun-joo (played by Jung Eun-chae), in the elevator. Yumi is uncomfortable to meet Hyunjoo, so she goes up and down the stairs on the 23rd floor to commute. The scene was very miserable.”

He added, “It was physically and mentally difficult because I felt the reality of Yumi, who was anxious even though she had everything while filming.”

He also stressed that he focused solely on himself to immerse himself in Yumi’s feelings rather than being swept away by the surrounding atmosphere.

“I wrote in my diary every morning because I wanted to understand Anna’s feelings,” he said. “I wrote down my thoughts on Yumi, who looked one step away. I will continue to make a habit of writing a diary with a lot of help from that,” she said with a smile.

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