Hwang Bo-ra CEO of Kim Young-hoon married in private

Hwang Bo-ra

Hwang Bo-ra CEO of Kim Young-hoon married in private on Nov. 6

Hwang Bo-ra

Actor Hwang Bo-ra and Kim Young-hoon, CEO of his agency Workhouse Company, will finally bear the fruit of their 10-year romance.

According to a wedding company official on the 6th, the two will get married somewhere in Seoul on November 6. They will invite only their family members and close acquaintances to hold a private wedding.

Hwang Bo-ra revealed the news of her wedding directly on her SNS on the 6th. Hwang Bo-ra said, “I wrote this because I had news that I wanted to deliver directly to everyone who loved me. In November, I’m going to marry him, my long-time partner.”

“We were able to be together with a stronger heart because of the blessings of many people for a long time.” I would like to thank everyone who always looked at me prettily. I will live happily,” he added.

Later, the Workhouse Company, to which the two belong, also said in a press release, “I promise that both of them will try to show better performance in their respective seats, and I hope you send warm congratulations and blessings.”

Hwang Bo-ra and CEO Kim first met at the church in 2012 and developed into a lover, and have been in an open relationship for 10 years with unwavering affection and faith in each other since 2013. Hwang Bo-ra has also attracted attention by appearing on various entertainment programs and talking about her wishes for marriage several times.

Hwang Bo-ra, who made her debut as SBS’ 10th open recruitment talent in 2003, starred in dramas such as “Mr. Baek,” “Wook Nam Jung-ki,” “Vogue Mom,” “Vagabond,” and “Dalley and Gamjatang,” as well as “The Phone,” “Heosamgwan,” “First Class Secret,” and “Somehow Married.” Last year, she was loved for her frankness through KBS Joy’s entertainment show “Sulvival” and is currently on iHQ’s legal entertainment show “Don’t worry.” You’re on ‘God of Defense’.

CEO Kim Young-hoon started acting in 2009 through KBS2’s “Hometown of Legends” and acted as an actor under the stage name Cha Hyun-woo. He has appeared in dramas such as MBC’s “Road Number One” and SBS’ “Daepungsu” and movies such as “Perfect Game,” “Suspicious Customers” and “Neighbors.” Currently, he is the head of the management company Workhouse Company, which includes actors such as Choi Jung-yoon, Baek Seung-hyun, and Moon Yoo-gang, including his older brother Ha Jung-woo and lover Hwang Bo-ra.

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