Goeun since your belly fat disappeared the 2nd Kim Hee Sun


Goeun since your belly fat disappeared the 2nd Kim Hee Sun’s visual is back. Bae Yoon Jeong, heart


Actress Ko Eun-ah showed off her rising visuals.

Ko Eun-ah posted a photo on her personal SNS on July 17 with the message “Dehet.”

In the picture, Ko Eun-ah is seen going out on an outdoor outing. The belly that was revealed by rolling up the T-shirt attracts attention. The recent success of dieting. The belly fat of the abdomen, which was teased as tire belly, disappears as if it was ironed, drawing attention.

Earlier, Ko Eun-ah tried to lose weight by revealing her tire belly through the entertainment show “I want to take it out.”

In addition, Ko Eun-ah is showing off her beautiful beauty with her small face full of features. The return of the Leeds era, which shouted, “I’m the woman who debuted as the second Kim Hee-sun!” in “I want to take it out,” stands out.

In response, Bae Yoon-jung added an emoticon with heart eyes, saying, “It’s pretty.”

Meanwhile, Ko Eun-ah is doing a variety of things in dramas and entertainment He has appeared in “Tok Soda,” “Legendary Music Class-Lalaland,” “Style Me,” and “I Want to Live Roughly,” and is currently a regular appearance on KBS 2TV’s “I Want to Take It Out.”

He’s also communicating with fans through YouTube channel “Bangane” with his younger brother Mir

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