I’m going to go to hell Girl group members come out Show

Girl group

I’m going to go to hell Girl group members come out Show your girlfriend

Girl group

A member from a girl group made headlines by confessing that he was a sexual minor and releasing a friendly two-shot with his lover, and a famous Japanese actor suddenly passed away due to extreme choices. In addition, the Korean actor was asked by the police to investigate drugs, including belated recognition of sex crimes. I gathered today’s incident in the entertainment industry N years ago, which was talkative and troublesome.

#July 18, 2021

Ji-Ae, a former member of the girl group What’s Up, came out as she revealed that she was a sexual minor.

Ji-Ae posted on her Instagram, “Let’s not fool our feelings. Let’s love,” he said, adding, “If you have to go to hell, I’ll go to hell.”

Earlier, Ji-Ae posted a picture of the rainbow and confessed her feelings, saying, “Me, too. Everyone, cheer up.” “It’s hard, it’s hard, it’s hard, it’s going to happen.”I said, “What was LG BT?” and he said he was a sexual minor. LGBT is the first letter of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender, which means LGBT.

Ji-Ae said on Instagram the next day, “It’s just a personal relationship. It’s like a big deal. It’s because of the country I live in. I understand. Thank you for your interest. I wanted to work hard and sing in a world without prejudice.”

Meanwhile, girl group What’s Up debuted with a single album in August 2013 and disbanded in 2019. Since then, Ji-Ae has become a soloist and continues her music activities through YouTube

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