The wife’s taste, Na Kyung-won’s daughter, Kim Yu-na Down syndrome

Na Kyung-won's

The wife’s taste, Na Kyung-won’s daughter, Kim Yu-na Down syndrome, overshadowed.

Na Kyung-won's

Former lawmaker Na Kyung-won’s daughter, Kim Yuna, delivered a unique musicality, responsibility, and marriage to the point where it is overshadowed by the fact that she is suffering from a disability.

Former lawmaker Na Kyung-won, as well as her husband Kim Jae-ho and daughter appeared in the TV Chosun entertainment show “Taste of Wife,” which aired on the 5th. Former lawmaker Na Kyung-won revealed her personal life, including her husband Kim Jae-ho, a judge at the Seoul High Court, and her daughter Kim Yu-na, who is known to have Down’s syndrome.

Kim Jae-ho read the newspaper in the morning and grated coffee beans while holding the shredder. At the same time, Kim Yu-na drew attention by showing off her high-quality drum skills in line with the group BTS’s “Dynamite.” Na Kyung-won and Kim Jae-ho spent time together looking at their daughter’s performance, drawing attention.

Na Kyung-won said in a related note, “I majored in drums. “I’m a member of the music ensemble now. I started playing the drums because I thought I could release energy.” “It looks fun, but I’m very stressed when I play. I can’t sleep before the performance. I’ve been playing the drums for 12 years since I was a freshman in high school.

Then, in the morning, the family sitting side by side at the table looked friendly and friendly. Regarding her daughter, Na Kyung-won said, “I recently attended a school for a year for employment officers,” and added, “When I received certificates such as word certificates, I did everything by myself. I got three certificates when I graduated.

Na Kyung-won, a former lawmaker, said of Yuna, who has Down’s syndrome, “When I first gave birth to a disabled child, I was at a loss. I had a hard time because I didn’t know how long she could grow up. “Of course, I taught them step by step. “It’s important to give them a chance,” he said with a smile. “There are so many things we can do now.”

After a walk with her daughter and father, former lawmaker Na hit the iron wall, saying, “I didn’t have a boy I liked at the welfare center.” When Na Kyung-won asked, “Do you still like the friend who lives in Busan?” Kim Yuna nodded with her cheeks flushed. “I made an ensemble of disabled people,” Na said. “I like my friend who lives in Busan who I met there.” When former lawmaker Na Kyung-won said, “What if you marry off to Busan?” Yuna acted cute saying, “Mom, I love you.”

Na Kyung-won later told her husband Kim Jae-ho at dinner that “Yuna wants to marry.” When Na Kyung-won asked, “Will you live with your mother, too?” Kim Yu-na showed responsibility, saying, “If you get married, it’s unconditional self-reliance.” “Mom and dad are getting old and they have to find work and get married,” Kim Yu-na said. “I can’t get help until when.”

When Na Kyung-won said, “If you don’t have a good person, you can live with your mother,” Kim Yu-na showed her willingness to marry and become independent until the end, saying, “You can bring a groom to live.”

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