Karasco’s frowned disrespectful behavior leaving Simeone


Karasco’s frowned disrespectful behavior leaving Simeone Stadium, angry.


Yannick Karasco was sent off for frowned upon and unmannered behavior, sparking controversy. Own coach Diego Simeone and anger.

Karasco started as a right wingback in a pre-season friendly match against Feyenoord at Feyenoord Stadium in the Netherlands at 0 a.m. on the 9th (Korea time).

The behavior in question came about 40 minutes into the first half. Karasco kicked the ball angrily when opposing defender Tyrell Malacia slipped and knocked him over while he was kicking the ball. Later, he stood up and pointed his finger at Malasia, who had fallen, and got on his nerves.

In the end, Karasco’s inhumane behavior caused the players of both teams to clash and fight. The situation got serious as Feyenoord home fans threw trash, including bottles of beverages, and the game was suspended for about five minutes. Simeone finally calmed down the squad as he rushed into the ground, and he was angry with Karasco and pointed out the wrong behavior. Karasco was sent off the ground on a direct exit. Atletico Madrid lost 1–2 in a row.

Football fans were stunned by Karasco’s behavior. Fans said, “Why are you acting like that?” “Atletico should be banned and punished for being fined.” “It was unnecessary in a friendly match. He criticized the situation, saying, “I don’t understand why,” and “It’s a foolish act 안전놀이터

Atletico and Karasco, meanwhile, have not expressed their position on the act.

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