Controversy over discrimination against the agency excluding the group


Controversy over discrimination against the agency excluding the group chat room, Chuu’s significant article


When Chuu, a member of the group LOONA, reported her absence from the concert, controversy over discrimination against members of the agency resurfaced.

Recently, some of the conversations Chu had while communicating with fans through the fandom platform Fab message have been posted on many online communities. Chu said, “The company has not notified me about participating in the schedule.” He mentioned how he was absent from the concert held from the 15th to the 16th.

On the other hand, when asked by a fan, “Did you get the concert notice?” he said, “We announced it in our group chat room and schedule for the 12 of us,” adding, “We already knew (the schedule).” This is the opposite of Chuu.

In response, some fans speculated that the “12-member group chat room” mentioned by Yeojin was 11 members and one manager except Chuu. They were angry at the agency, saying, “It makes no sense to discriminate against members who promote the group and have been active,” “There is no company that treats artists like this,” and “It is safe to say that it is a solo activity.”

After the controversy, Chu said, “The story seems to be flowing strangely,” adding, “Just because the schedule comes up, I don’t necessarily participate. He explained, “The decision made by the company must be announced to decide whether to participate or not 부산출장마사지

In June, rumors of Choo’s transfer to his agency were raised. Since then, Chuu has not only missed the schedule of LOONA’s activities and world tours in the second half of the year, but has also been seen on a schedule without a manager, raising concerns among fans

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