Celebrity dad doesn’t pay for child support, 31-year-old model


Celebrity dad doesn’t pay for child support, 31-year-old model 6 months son and zoo outing


Fitness model Marley Nichols, 31, went on a six-month-old outing with her son without a father.

He posted a photo on Instagram on the 1st (local time) with a message saying, “I can’t believe my baby is six months old.”

In the photo, Marley Nichols watched the zoo with her child in her arms. The child looks at the giraffe in his mother’s arms

U.S. netizens responded by saying, “The most beautiful mother” and “Lovely. The child was only six months old, but he drew attention with his large physique.

Earlier on the 8th of last month, Marley Nicholls revealed her son’s loneliness on Mother’s Day

“I spent Mother’s Day quietly with my loved ones,” Nichols told E! News.

NBA star Tristan Thompson (31) had a relationship with Nichols and gave birth to a son, but he bowed his head when DNA confirmed that he was a father and denied that he was not his child at first.

He posted on Instagram in January: “I take full responsibility for my actions. Now that the parent-child relationship has been established, I hope we can raise our son well. I sincerely apologize to everyone who hurt or disappointed me through this ordeal,” he said.

In particular, he expressed his regret to his ex-girlfriend Chloe Kardashian (38). “Chloe, you don’t deserve the pain and humiliation I’ve caused you,” Thompson said.

“I respect and love you very much. Regardless of what you think. Once again, I’m so sorry.” They have a four-year-old daughter, Tru.

Since the announcement of paternity, details of co-parenting between NBA stars and Nichols have been relatively private. However, in February, she accused Thompson of not being more involved in her son’s life when an article came out that he would pay $40,000 a month for child support.

“Thomson has made no attempt to meet his son and has not provided financial support,” Nichols’ spokesman told E! News last month

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