Causes of gum inflammation (Nungyang) under


Causes of gum inflammation (Nungyang) under the right molar


Q: I’m a woman in my early 30s. I’m curious about the cause of inflammation of the gums in the lower right molar. My gums around my teeth were swollen 2 months ago. In the neighborhood dentist, the swelling after incision and pear farming is removed, but the pus continues to develop and burst. Antibiotics don’t cure you well.

Two weeks ago, I removed temporary resin from the cavity removal area and treated it with semi-permanent resin due to tooth decay.

What is the cause and how should I get treatment in the future? I wonder how long the treatment period is 비아그라 파는곳

A: The cause of pus bags in the gums around the teeth is usually the inflammation of the root end of the teeth that penetrates towards the weak resistance. It is caused by the spread of inflammation of the dimensional river, the area where nerves and blood vessels enter the teeth. Primary neurological treatment (muscle therapy) is often required. Visit the dentist for an X-ray, check for root inflammation (muscle endangyang) and get the necessary treatment.

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