Sign-stealing frame punishment jersey 137m final two-run


Sign-stealing frame punishment jersey 137m final two-run four AL home run tied for first place



New York Yankees Aaron Judge overcame the “stealing sign” frame and fired the winning shot.

In an away game against the Toronto Blue Jays at Rogers Center in Toronto, Canada, on the 17th (Korea Standard Time), Judge hit a two-run home run in the top of the eighth inning when he faced the Toronto Blue Jays 3-3 and led to a 6-3 victory.

Judge, who entered his fourth at-bat with one out and runners on first base, hit a slider in the middle of opponent pitcher Eric Swanson’s second 85.9 miles in the ball count 1S, easily crossed the middle fence, hit the electronic display, and fired a large two-run shot. The distance was as far as 448 feet (137 meters). The 11th homer of the season.

With a 5-3 lead again, the Yankees added a point with Gleyber Torres’ sacrifice fly in the ninth inning with one out and third base to seal the game.

Judge scored one hit, two RBIs, and one run in five at-bats, including the winning home run. His season batting average was 0.270 (33 hits in 122 at-bats), 11 home runs, 26 RBIs, 27 runs scored, and OPS 0.960 was recorded. There are three gaps between New York Mets Pete Alonso and Los Angeles Dodgers Max Muncy, who are tied for first place in home runs. In the AL, he tied for the lead with Boston Red Sox Rafael Devers and Texas Rangers Adolis Garcia.

After returning from injury, explosive long hits are continuing. Judge was on the IL on the 29th of last month due to a hip injury. After that, he took 11 days off and returned on the 10th. Jersey’s bat, which had been jagged, has been on track for the past four consecutive games. In particular, he hit two home runs against Tampa Bay on the 14th and added two home runs against Toronto the previous day (16th), and drew another large arch on the same day. He hit five home runs in the last four games

However, controversy arose over the 462-foot (141m) midwall solo home run that Jersey hit in the eighth inning the previous day. This is because Judge saw the Yankees dugout and the first base coach on the first base with a side glance from his batting posture just before hitting a home run.

Broadcasting caster Dan Schulman and commentator Buck Martinez first raised suspicions. It was said that Judge might have looked sideways to receive the sign from the dugout through the first base coach.

But after the game, Judge said, “I could hear the noise in our dugout. He said, “I didn’t like my teammates when they were leading 6-0 and the coach was sent off,” adding, “Let’s call time and tell the players, ‘Let’s be quiet. I want to say, ‘I’m hitting now.’ I just looked sideways at who was talking. Even after the coach was sent off, he said, “I tried to give a hint, ‘Who keeps talking?'”

However, Toronto coach John Schneider said, “It’s very strange for a batter to look in that direction in such a situation. There must have been a reason. Today or tomorrow I’ll look at the situation closely. “We will take all measures to resolve doubts about things such as the flow of the game, the course of the ball, and the pitch type,” he said adding, “The second baseman is well seen at bat.” But the dugout is hard to see. “But it’s relatively easy to see the first base coach,” he said.

However, it is unlikely that Toronto will file a complaint with the Major League Secretariat and investigate the scene. The two teams, which have emerged as rivals in the AL East, have recently been in a tight fight between players. Toronto’s Vladimir Guerrero Jr. said last month that he would not go to the Yankees even if he became an FA player. This time again, it is like leaving only controversy and war of words 파워볼검증업체

Meanwhile, Toronto’s starter Kevin Gausman pitched well with five hits, 10 strikeouts and three runs in seven innings, but lost two consecutive games as the bullpen collapsed. On the other hand, the Yankees, who won two consecutive games, kept fourth place in the world with 25 wins and 19 losses, and followed third place Toronto without a win

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