Burns around the knees (color) wrinkled and hard scars


Burns around the knees (color) wrinkled and hard scars


I solved the crumple around the knee, cut it off, and sewed it up again The second time you see it, there’s a little side effect on the side, and if you look at it, there’s a thick scar on the side, and if you look at it, there’s a thick scar Why did it work? I sutured it, but I couldn’t win it, so there were side effects

Second, I treated him to make a reservation the same way I frequently got hit in the middle of the seroid address because I focused on the thick side

I got a steroid shot every two months in the hospital, and I’ll do the third Third, when you look at the treatment, you get a lot of red colors The sutured scar becomes that thick, hard, and comes up, and you pay more attention to it Your knees will have severe pinhole laser marks

He’s had side effects, but he’s been treating me The fifth one is treating it, but it’s getting thicker. It’s pretty much solved It got thinner. Good I see hope It’s a weak treatment

I’m going to tell you that if you come to the end of the tomb where you’ve been designing and sewn to catch a lot of malformation in between, because it’s a treatment, you’ll get a lot of time, a lot of time

It doesn’t get better with a fixed pattern or precise treatment, but you can look under the microscope every time, and you can say that you decide how to make a scar by looking at a scar that responds with a hole

I don’t think it’s been treated well We’re going to find a new way, and that’s why it doesn’t necessarily get better if we treat it in a fixed pattern or in a fixed way

The whole area of the laser is covered with red erythema, and it’s been canceled for a long time, so I’ve been worried about this pattern a lot lately I can tell you that the side effects of the toxic laser at the hospital have been around for a long timeThe side effects are also individual differences, but if you leave red marks alone, it gets better and ruined, doesn’t mean you won’t treat them

I can tell you that I’m only using laser to regenerate The first one was a pinhole cell laser, and there’s not a lot of red marks, and a year later, it’s six months from now I told you that if you take care of it at the hospital, the scar will continue to improve I like red more 온라인 비아그라

It’s the first time in six months that I’ve seen a baby with no laser marks I’m so happy that I can’t express it I get injections of steroids every time, and I put on steroids every day, so it’s hard to cure I don’t know how happy I am that the patient has been doing well, and it’s been as good as the treatment was unforeseen

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