Beryl, who proved to be a ‘Roll Doctor’ by advancing…


Beryl, who proved to be a ‘Roll Doctor’ by advancing to the finals for three consecutive years


DIX’s supporter “Beryl” Cho Kun-hee has advanced to the World Championship (LOL World Cup) final for the third consecutive year, showing his move worthy of his nickname “LOL DOJA.”

On the 31st (Korea Standard Time), Ryu Hyun-hee’s DNA X succeeded in advancing to the finals by beating Gen.G e-Sports 3-1 in the semifinals of the 2022 LOL World Cup at State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. Cho Kun-hee will be on the final stage for three consecutive years following 2020 and 2021, when she advanced to the finals as a member of Damwon Kia.

Cho Kun-hee also played a role in the miraculous move of DIX, which is united around the carrying power of “Jeka” Kim Gun-woo. Throughout the tournament, he strongly strengthened and benefited from the bottom line match with “Deft” Kim Hyuk-kyu. In the quarterfinals against Edward Gaming (EDG), Heimmerdinger, Soraka, and Ash are representative.

In particular, the high-muddinger pick is acting tricky from the opponent’s point of view. EDG also took the first and second sets of wins against DIX, but later on, he gave a high muddinger in the set, and in the semifinals, Gen.G e-Sports also made a choice to give a high muddinger.

The Hymerdinger van is bound to work against the Banpick composition. Since he is not a champion who is generally a van, he has to pay attention to other champions of “OP,” which will be released if he regularly vanes the Himmeredinger champion. In fact, Gen.G was also seen drying in the banpick composition against DIX due to the high-mudinger van.

However, the appearance of Cho Kun-hee as a high-mudinger was threatening. In addition to actively pressuring his opponent in the line match, he has also created many good pictures based on sharp skill shots even when his growth has dried up since the line match.

As such, Cho Kun-hee played an indispensable role in DIX by playing an active role as a various champion as well as a high-mudinger in this tournament. As a result, he set a record of advancing to the LOL World Cup finals for the third consecutive year. Cho Kun-hee, who first took the LOL World Cup as a member of Damwon Gaming in 2019, was eliminated from the quarterfinals in that year’s tournament, but later made the finals in 2020 and 2021.

In addition, he moved to DIX and once again advanced to the finals, emerging as a guarantee check for advancing to the finals. The record for advancing to the finals for the third consecutive year is comparable to the legends of “Faker” Lee Sang-hyuk, “Bang” Bae Joon-sik, and “Wolf” Lee Jae-wan, and he also did not hide his joy in an interview, saying, “I feel good to set the same record as my seniors.”

Beryl, nicknamed “Roll Do-sa” for her ability to see her own special angle or her unique interview skills in addition to sharp orders, proved her nickname by advancing to the Worlds final stage for her third time. Attention is focusing on whether Cho Kun-hee, who finished second last year unfortunately, will be able to win her second LOL World Cup title in this tournament.

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