A prospective married woman, Lee Hae-ri is getting


A prospective married woman, Lee Hae-ri is getting marriedYou look prettier now. What should I do with Kang Minkyung?


Lee Hae-ri, a member of the group Davichi, boasted her beautiful appearance.

On the 17th, Lee Hae-ri posted an update photo on her Instagram account. Lee Hae-ri wrote with a photo, “I’m listening to the fanfare well!!!?”

In the picture, Lee Hae-ri sticks out her lips and has a cute expression. Lee Hae-ri looks more lovely ahead of her wedding.

Lee Hae-ri also looks happy just by looking at her expression. It reminds me of Kang Min-kyung who is left alone.

Meanwhile, Lee Hae-ri will marry a non-celebrity in July. Lee Hae-ri announced her marriage and said, “I will continue to sing there as Davichi Lee Hae-ri, laughing and chatting with Min-kyung.”

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