Bae Jin-woong, a female actor, made a shocking remark to a witness

Bae Jin-woong

Bae Jin-woong, a female actor, made a shocking remark to a witness at the scene.

Bae Jin-woong

While actor Bae Jin-woong is set to conduct a police investigation on charges of sexual harassment and attempted rape against his junior actress A, a shocking testimony from an acquaintance of A who visited the scene at the time came out.

Previously, Sports Kyunghyang exclusively reported that Bae Jin-woong called A to a villa located in a Gyeonggi-do area on December 23 last year and committed sex crimes. Bae Jin-woong even enticed A to have a drinking party with his acquaintances, showing the precision of driving him to the place where he could not go without a car.

Later, Bae Jin-woong continued to make sexual jokes by hugging A or taking off his pants at his villa.

According to an acquaintance of A who visited the scene after receiving contact at the time, Bae Jin-woong was committing sex crimes against A when he visited the villa. According to officials, when asked by an acquaintance of A, “What are you doing now?” Bae Jin-woong replied to the acquaintance, “I’m raping A.” When the reporter asked again about the word “rape,” an official said, “A’s acquaintance confirmed that Bae Jin-woong made the word ‘rape’ clear.”

After leaving the scene, A and his acquaintance later reported Bae Jin-woong’s sex crimes to the police. As of the 12th, A has completed a related police investigation, and Bae Jin-woong is facing a police investigation on the 16th on charges of attempted sexual harassment and sexual assault. In response, A has been receiving psychiatric treatment since the incident and is demanding strong punishment for Bae Jin-woong.

Bae Jin-woong appeared in sports-oriented “[independent] Good Casting” on the 11th, and sex crimes against female actors and actresses.After the report titled “Police Investigation” on the 16th, he turned his social networking service (SNS) into a private one and has remained silent without expressing any position.

Born in 1982, Bae debuted in 2011 with the movie ‘The Moneybag.’ Since then, he has starred in the films “Criminal City,” “Angry Bull,” “Lucky Monster,” and the dramas “City of the Sun,” “Prison Playbook,” and “The Lawless Lawyer.” He is known to have been working on filming a movie recently.

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