Derek Lewis Cyrill Garnet, who’s in the UFC heavyweight


Derek Lewis Cyrill Garnet, who’s in the UFC heavyweight provisional championship, needs a punch.


“One punch is enough.”A provisional heavyweight champion will be born at the UFC 265 in Houston, Texas on the 8th (Korea time).

The players who will face the champion belt are Derek Lewis (25 wins and 7 losses, the U.S.) and Cyrill Gane (9 wins, France), the third-ranked player.

Derek Lewis, who boasts strong punch power, has 12 KO wins in the UFC alone. This is the largest KO win in all UFC weight classes, tied for first place alongside Welterweight Matt Brown.

Lewis, who has won four games in a row, has also been mentioned as a strong contender against UFC heavyweight champion Francis Nganu this year.

“Garney is a threat,” said Lewis, who is set to play a tentative title game against Garney is a threat. “He is not funny, but he is a smart fighter, so he will play an interesting game with me.”

In particular, Lewis bragged on his social media, saying, “I can play for 25 minutes (five rounds), but Gane will end with one punch.”

Cyril Garne, who Lewis will face, went undefeated and even won a title shot. Gane rose to third place in the UFC heavyweight ranking by winning the match against Rosenstruke this year, and continued his record of “all-nine wins” with Alexander Volkov in the previous game 토토사이트

Prior to the tournament, Gane praised Louis as the top player in the 100 percent heavyweight class, while also criticizing him for being a “well-rounded player.” “We should be careful of Louis’ strong grip on both hands,” he said.

Attention is focusing on whether Ghana, a former Muay Thai champion and outstanding batting ability, will be able to win the championship belt with a flawless record.

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