About “Bae Yong-jun”, an entrepreneur and actor

Bae Yong-jun

He is an actor and entrepreneur in Korea. He is the former owner of Keyeast, an entertainment agency, and since handing over management control of Keyeast to SM in 2018, he has received SM shares and now serves as a major shareholder of the company. He is also one of the richest stockholders in the entertainment industry.

Although he is actually retired and active behind the scenes, he was a successful actor and a localist who started the Korean Wave. He became a youth star by appearing in the drama First Love, which recorded the highest viewer ratings in the history of a single Korean broadcasting program, and later, Winter Sonata, who starred in 2002, gained sensational popularity in Japan in 2004, virtually starting the Korean Wave in Japan.

Just looking at Yonsama as his pet name… The fact that “Sama” is the emperor’s family shows that “Sama” is more than “Nim” as a representative example of “Sama”. In fact, Nim, which is often used as a common honorific title in Korean, is closer to Sama than Sama. In any case, it still has the highest recognition among 토토커뮤니티 Korean Wave stars in Japan, and it seems difficult for actors to surpass their strongholds in the future.

Bae Yong-joon is a popular Korean Wave star in China, as he was the first Korean celebrity to appear in a Taiwanese textbook. It was even included in Japanese textbooks. It was also popular in Southeast Asia.

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