Ahead of the first FA hit, he first spoke about the cautious


Ahead of the first FA hit, he first spoke about the cautious $500 million rumor of Otani.


LA Angels’ Ohtani Shohei expressed his thoughts on FA after this season.

Ohtani, who joined the Angels in 2018, will qualify for the FA with a full-time season of six years if he fills this season. Otani, the 2021 American League MVP and the best pitching and hitting player in the Major League, is competitive in both pitchers and batters, so the prevailing opinion is that the ransom will range from a minimum of $400 million to a maximum of $500 million.

Whether Ohtani will leave the Angels or remain is the club’s keen interest. Outfielder Mike Trout, the team’s pillar, strongly hoped for Ohtani’s stay in the spring camp interview on the 16th (Korea Standard Time), saying, “I will do anything to keep Otani on the team.” Angels owner Arte Moreno also said in an interview on the 9th, “I want to leave Otani on the team.”

When Ohtani held his first press conference at Tempi Spring Camp in Arizona on the 17th, the first question that came up was also the contract. Asked if he had talked about extending his contract with the club, Otani said, “I’m only thinking about the season now. I don’t know what the club is like, but I don’t care about the contract. “I’m just focusing on preparing for the season,” he said.

Ohtani said, “I’m thinking it’s my last season, but I don’t know what’s going to happen yet. “I think I’m an Angels player now, and I want to win this team the most,” he said, maintaining his trust as an Angels player.

One reporter asked, “How do you feel when you hear the story of $400 million and $500 million?” Ohtani thought for a moment and said, “I don’t know FA well, so I’m not paying much attention. Still, the first condition is to spend this season well. “I want to focus on the season because that’s the most important thing for me and the team,” he said in a textbook answer 토토사이트

Rumors of Ohtani’s transfer first ignited in 2021 by saying, “The team is really good, but I want to win.” When asked, “Do you think the Angels have become a team that can win now?” Ohtani joked, “You should ask coach Phil Nevin instead of asking me,” and said, “I think it’s important not only to bring good players but also to raise good players in the minor league farm system.”

Meanwhile, Otani was announced as the starting pitcher for the opening game for the second consecutive year. Ohtani, who heard from coach Nevin on the 17th, said, “It’s an honor and a special thing, so I’m going to do my best to throw it. “Since the camp is just the beginning, I want to prepare well and throw well from now on,” he said.

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