Relationship between breast implants and breastfeeding


Relationship between breast implants and breastfeeding in childbirth


The relationship between breast plastic surgery and breastfeeding. Let’s find out when it’s good to have breast implants enlarged before or after childbirth. Some of the people who came for counseling are asking if it’s better to buy insurance before giving birth or breastfeeding after giving birth. If you compare the shape of your chest in a sagging state with the image before giving birth and checking breastfeeding,

It’s better to have it done before giving birth. Of course, that doesn’t have anything to do with prosthesis enlargement, childbirth, pregnancy and breastfeeding. So, there are sometimes people who are worried about the problem of breastfeeding after the enlargement surgery, but since it doesn’t affect childbirth, pregnancy, and breastfeeding, if you think about the shape, it’s a little better to do it in advance than regretting, so you can decide on the surgery. Some people are worried that the contents of the prosthesis will be marked at the level if nursing is performed after an enlarged nursing prosthesis surgery, but that’s not the case at all.

In the past, if the prosthesis was broken and the prosthesis was inserted into the room for two days, the prosthesis could be mixed with the mammary tissue and some of it could flow into the naked eye, but now it’s good and most of the implants are done using armpits or Ilsan incisions.

If the money given is found to burn the prosthesis during lactation, it is important to distinguish whether the film is nepa 10 or the money is ruptured as well through a thorough examination. If only the prosthesis, or the prosthesis, is bursting and the film is maintained well, there is no possibility that the contents of the prosthesis will go anywhere else, so you don’t have to worry. If it’s obesity, it’s better to lactate.

There is a high possibility that additional tests will need to be done because of the impact from the outside So you just need to replace the prosthesis in the film, but if the film is also broken, it’s quite shocking, and the prosthesis has a lot of social roles, so in this case, it’s better to set a date as soon as possible and perform the prosthesis replacement surgery.

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