Park Ha-sun is coming back as Mobius The story that I couldn’t

Park Ha-sun

Park Ha-sun is coming back as Mobius The story that I couldn’t tell before the dark.

Park Ha-sun

Möbius: The Black Sun’ will reveal the story of Park Ha-sun.

MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “Black Sun,” which ended on the 23rd, released a poster with strong visuals.

Park Ha-sun’s charisma, which will visit viewers with a different story from the main episode of “Black Sun,” attracts attention.

Mobius: The Black Sun deals with the past of the characters based on the worldview of the Black Sun. Focusing on Seo Soo-yeon (Park Ha-sun), Jang Cheon-woo (Jung Moon-sung), and Do Jin-sook (Jang Young-nam), the story of four years ago will be unraveled in the form of “prequel.”

The poster released on the 25th showed Park Ha-sun walking with a gun in her hand. From the back of her walking toward a bright place with her back against the darkness, she feels determined and somewhat lonely.

I am even more curious about what happened to Seo Soo-yeon, an NIS agent who has not yet suffered from “blackening” four years ago.

The copy of “The beginning and end of everything are connected” is reminiscent of “Movius,” the title of the spin-off. Attention is focusing on what story Seo Soo-yeon and Jang Chun-woo, who amplified the curiosity of drama fans by hinting at a special peer relationship, have and how the story of the two people connected to the past and the present will form a Mobius strip and complete a narrative.

As such, “Movius: Black Sun” will captivate the home theater by satisfying the five senses with the colorful features of the characters, unconventional and captivating stories, a thorough worldview and colorful actions that have not been seen in the main episode.

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